Rewrite Your Life Story

Always they would like to act it out, whenever my two young lads read a story. Perhaps 10 unbelievable death story Taran Zhu's words were a little self righteous at the end of this special story chain, but he was merely saying what had been illustrated all along: as long as one side assaulted and the other retaliated, there would be no end to the vicious cycle of warfare that threatened to spiral completely uncontrollable.

As a result of their one disobedient action, all of mankind had to be born into an imperfect fallen world area to death, corruption, demonic spirits and terrible and evil people unbelievable death story that have selected with their free wills to live this life on the black side - thus causing untold pain, death and misery to millions of people through the entire ages.

In effect while composing the story in much the same we have to adopt the personality of the central character way an actor adopts the personality of the character he's unbelievable death story playing on stage. There is never any need to describe a character merely for the benefit of it. Like everything else in the story characterisation is simply useful insofar as it contributes to the storyline, and should be done through activity.